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Association of Buthanese in America

ABA Technical Assistance Trainings – Short Description

The Association of Bhutanese in America piloted its technical assistance program In March 2013 and formally launched it during its sixth convention in Syracuse in July 2013. This short document details what trainings/workshops are available for community organizations and how to access these services.

1. Specific Issue Areas

a. Application for Naturalization – what does it entail?

b. The American workplace and you – Macro Overview

c. Being a responsible citizen – duties and responsibilities

d. The US education system and you

e. The US Government – Structures and Functions

f. US Government Jobs- where are they and how to get them?

g. Starting your own business

h. How is your child doing in school?

i. Mental Health issues

How to request trainings

Community organizations or un-organized communities should fill out the request form link available at the end of the page and send it to (or submit online) ABA ED This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to initiate a consultation about their needs and potential trainings to address them. ABA ED will consult with the applicants to determine the types of trainings/workshops, the dates and the venue for trainings.

the specific types of trainings have been agreed on by both parties, ABA will introduce the facilitator of the training and the community organization. ABA should be copied on all communications between the facilitator and the trainee organization.


ABA will not charge fees for the time and expertise of the facilitators. However, the community organization will be required to pay for the actual out-of-pocket expense of the facilitators: bus/train/plane fares, food, gas, or hotel expenses. The NGO should also provide space for trainings/workshops as well as any refreshments necessary for the trainees.

ABA provides workshops/trainings on the following topics/issues areas:

1. Organizational Management

a. Establishing a nonprofit community organization

b. Structures of nonprofit organization

c. Human Resources Policies and Procedures

d. Financial Management Systems

e. Information Technology

f. Organizational Development

g. Budgets and Compliance

h. Fundraising and Sources of Revenue

i. Strategic Planning

j. Program Planning and Design

k. Project Management – Tools and Techniques

Training/Workshop Application Form for ECBOs

Please click here to fill up the Application Form